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New Jewish Calendars for 5777 (Oct. 2016 - Jan. 2018)



DVD Teachings from Rabbi Chaim Richman

New teachings added often



 New Series - DVD - Mesillat Yesharim - Ramchal (Straight-Shooter) with Shmuel 'Sam' Peak



 New - DVD - Teachings from Rebbetzin Rena Richman



New Series - DVD - Food for the Soul

New teachings being added now



DVD - Secrets of the Future Temple



DVD - Mysteries of Creation series




DVD - Kabbalah101 (with Shmuel 'Sam' Peak)




DVD - Torah Portions (with Shmuel 'Sam' Peak)




DVD - Derech Hashem - Ramchal (with Shmuel 'Sam' Peak)



DVD Teachings from Various Israeli/Jewish teachers


Jewish Music - Yoel Sharabi


"Biblical Faith" TV Series


Books & Other Resources (Rabbi Avraham Sutton, Jim Long, Zaide Reuven, etc.,)


Books & DVD's from Avi Lipkin (aka Victor Mordechai) on Islam


Bestsellers from Rabbi Shalom Arush


 - All of Sam Peak's 7-year popular television series "Biblical Faith" are available through our office in VHS/DVD format. Contact us at 1-800-639-0169 or request the TV series list from our contact page. Click here for those programs available on the site.